What is
JURU is a legal-tech and insurtech innovation that is first of its kind in Hong Kong. A smart tool for assessing and handling Employees Compensation claims and Common Law Personal Injuries and Fatal claims with the use of latest technology like AI and NLP. JURU enables claims handlers (in law firms or insurers) to calculate the likely amount of compensation that should be paid and identify relevant court precedents in an efficient, timely and accurate manner. That is unprecedented!
What expertise is behind
Creating the detailed algorithms of JURU’s brain required expertise combined with decades of practical experience in law, insurance and technology – and particularly first hand knowledge of handling and settling EC, Personal injuries and Fatal cases for insurers.
Why should I use
To save time and money. A substantial proportion of an insurer’s pay-out for third party liability claims under Motor, EC, Public Liability portfolio is for legal fees. Without JURU, when lawyers handle Employees Claims and Common Law Personal Injuries and Fatal claims, hours are spent on mundane time-consuming assessment and legal research for court precedents. With JURU, lawyers can assess claims in a more cost-effective manner and provide earlier advice on likely compensation to assist with settlement and avoid expensive litigation. Moreover , insurers can use JURU to assess and settle some claims in-house without spending money on legal fees.
Where can I get
Phase 1 of JURU with the main functions “PSLA precedent finders”, “Employees Compensation Calculator”, “Precedent Sorter” is available now on a free trial basis for a limited period.
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